Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jolting News

Since returning from EclipseCon I'm mostly had my head down focused on fixing bugs in the final few weeks before we ship Carbide.c++ 1.2. Then came the announcement last week that Carbide 1.1 had won the Jolt award for best mobile development tool! We had been runner up the year before but this time we beat out NetBeans and few others to capture the Jolt. Since we're all focused on the next release it's nice to get some recognition for the last one.


Doug Schaefer said...

Congrats, Ken and everyone who works on Carbide.c++ (which I guess includes me ;)! It's great to see Eclipse recognized in the C/C++ for embedded/mobile space.

Caroline said...

Morning Ken, I'm a software tester for Citrix and I am looking into making contact with Nokia to test their Phone O/S with our Citrix Products. Any help would be great!