Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Carbide, CDT & EDC at EclipseCon 2010

Had a great time at EclipseCon in Santa Clara last week. Some highlights:

 Face time with our colleagues from Nokia, the Symbian Foundation, Eclipse and CDT communities. Ronnie King, Warren Paul, and I came from the Austin office and had a great time catching up with people we usually don't get to see in person very often. I missed EclipseCon last year but I heard attendance was up and organizations were able to send more people this time.

I really liked the session format: the reduced times seemed to really focus the presentations and kept a wide variety of material flowing throughout the day. I know the CDT session Doug and I did seemed to fly by quickly.

Had a great response to the new EDC (Eclipse Debugger for C/C++) that will be in Carbide 3.0 and our team is contributing to CDT 7.0. People liked the overall concept, features, and extensibility and I think we'll soon start seeing more contributions from the community.

Lots of discussions about usability and performance, both very important to us for Carbide. There is new work going on in the Eclipse & CDT communities that will help us smooth out some rough spots our Carbide users have had to put up with.

Visiting developers at the Nokia office in Mt. View. We love getting to shadow developers around and watch them work. Great unfiltered feedback. We had a chance to introduce them to some features in Carbide they didn't know about and help them through some difficult issues that are tough to understand unless you can look over the person's shoulder.