Monday, October 5, 2009

CDT-EDC Sprinting to 10-14

We've kicked off another sprint of EDC development: Warren is refactoring the Dwarf symbol reader to support an general symbol reader API that can be used for other symbol formats. Steve is adding support for more variable types: enums, arrays etc. Stephen is beefing up the Dwarf variable location to handle a lot of variable storage types we hadn't covered yet. Ling is cleaning up some bits of the Windows and Linux reference debuggers so they can reuse the existing CDT launch configurations. Chad is working on support for attaching to a running process. David is adding general support for consoles, integrating the Eclipse console view and data from the TCF streams service. Tim and Vasili are working on general stabilization and unit tests. I'm working on the beginnings of scripting support, outlining a DOM and prototyping how you can automate the EDC debugger from outside of Eclipse.