Monday, April 16, 2007

Carbide 1.2 is Out the Door

We've completed the final build for Carbide 1.2 so I can come up for air now. Carbide 1.2 is using Eclipse 3.2.1 and a modified version of CDT 4.0M5. Taking the risk on a pre-release version of CDT has worked out well: the code navigation features bring us much closer to what people expect and we've seen few problems. Over the last couple months our team has been helped by a great beta group of several hundred people testing Carbide in a production environment with lots of sizable real world projects. This has been illuminating and occasionally humbling as people told us what we had to deliver to pull them away from their current C++ development environment. We couldn't get all of it into this release and so we're left with a lot of raw feedback to distill into specific fixes and enhancements for next time.

Now I need to move ahead with work on my CDT bug list and planning for the next Carbide release which will use Eclipse 3.3 and the final version of CDT 4.0. How did it get to be mid April already?

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Kunal said...

Carbide is great tool. There is no doubt in that. I was just wondering why nokia stopped developing plugin for visual studio and concentrating completely on Eclipse CDT based tool. There are currently millions of Visual Studio users like me why stopped supporting that. I mean CDT and visual studio can co exist. Or there were technical challenges in implementing that.

I know this question not very relevant to this blog. But I'm really very surprised.