Thursday, March 1, 2007


Welcome to my Nokia Carbide on Eclipse Blog. So who am I and what's going on with Nokia, Carbide, and Eclipse?

I'm a software developer on the C++ tools team at Nokia. Nokia makes a ton of the little ringing vibrating things people call cell/mobile phones or more grandly “mobile devices”. A large and growing number of these are smartphones, little computers with an operating system, storage, user interface, and lots of connectivity. Most smartphones run Symbian OS with additional platform and UI services (S60 or UIQ) on top. It’s a real software platform that lets you install and run additional applications.

These apps are built by software developers who need good tools. Carbide.c++ is Nokia’s C++ tool set for mobile software development. Carbide is used to produce mobile applications by the companies that make the phones and by the developer community that supports them.

Carbide is built on Eclipse: our team takes the latest platform release, EMF, GEF, usually a pre-release version of CDT, plus a bit of DSDP-DD, then adds in a build system, debugger, user interface designer, performance tools, and documentation to produce a commercial product. As we develop Carbide our team contributes back to the Eclipse community. Nokia is a Eclipse Foundation strategic developer. I’m a committer on the CDT project.

I’m looking forward to sharing our team’s experiences building Carbide and developing with Eclipse.


Doug Schaefer said...

Hey, Ken. Great to see you blogging! I look forward to reading it. Make sure you get listed on the Planet, too.

Tommi said...

Warm welcome to the blog world, good to have you here!!