Monday, May 18, 2009

CDT-EDC Launching

The team mostly worked on launching EDC debug sessions last sprint. We polished up the Windows launch so terminate shuts everything down correctly and modified the debug agent to shut itself down if no one was connected to it for a short time There are several launch types in Carbide for Symbian debugging that we thouht we might have to clone for EDC. But we've given them the same treatment as Pawel gave the launches in CDT 6.0: defining one standard set of launch types but assigning multiple launch delegates to each one. I wasn't aware you could do this until Pawel implemented this for the CDT launches. It's great for Carbide because we can reuse our existing launch support and just implement an EDC launch delegate. We probably wouldn't ship Carbide with both CDI and EDC launches enabled for the same type, but it will be great for testing and development.

Traditionally most C/C++ launches synchronously start a process and then debugging begins. The simple EDC launches start a process asynchronously and then wait for a process created event from the debug agent. Later we'll support more complex launches: ones that debug multiple processes, target specific DLLs and wait for a process to load them, or simply let you look at stuff on the target platform before debugging anything.

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Pawel Piech said...

I'm glad that the tribal knowledge on multiple launches is starting to spread. I myself discovered it only when doing a test run for Platform Debug.