Friday, February 5, 2010

CDT-EDC and Openness

While our team here at Nokia has been developing the Eclipse Debugger for C/C++ (EDC) as a component of the CDT project we wanted to do it in the open as much as possible. But we still had quite a bit of initial work to do before the community would be able to evaluate what we were doing. Now that the initial contribution is in CDT we're going to start working on changing our habits to bring more openness and transparency to the effort:

We're going to start moving our discussions about EDC to the cdt-dev mailing list. This may seem simple but we also don't want to bore the CDT community with issues related to Carbide, Symbian, on-device debugging etc. so we'll need to be a little selective.

New issues with EDC will be logged in the Eclipse bugzilla instead of our Carbide bugzilla. We'll need to be a little selective here too and probably won't log every minor issue, but anything that merits any sort of discussion will be public.

Currently our team has two committers on the CDT project, Warren Paul and myself. I've been syncing the EDC sources in CDT with our internal copy. This has done wonders for my committer stats, it looks like I wrote all of the EDC code, but has masked the contributions of our team members. So we're going to start nominating additional people as CDT committers, starting with the ones who already have a track record of contributions to other components in addition to their work on EDC.

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