Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Looking at DSF

Our next major release of Carbide.c++ will be based on Ganymede which will include the quickly maturing Debug Services Framework. The DSF team has been busy joining the framework with CDT 5.0 and beefing up the reference implementation that works with gdb on linux.

The Carbide.c++ debugger uses the CDI apis to let our debug engine provide services to the common C++ debug support in CDT. That has worked pretty well but there are lots of new things we would like to do that would be a lot easier using DSF so I'm going to start looking into bringing up our debugger in this new, more flexible, and highly asynchronous environment. I haven't looked at DSF in any depth since last September and there has been a lot of refactoring since then but now that things have settled down with M5 I'm going to dive back in.

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Doug Schaefer said...

"highly asynchronous" is almost an understatement :). You could pretty much have every function call be asynchronous if you want. But if you keep a pragmatic hat on you write things so that you only need to deal with the asynchronicity where you need it.