Monday, November 26, 2007

Open Carbide.c++ beta begins

Back at the CDT summit in late September someone asked me if I had gone into hiding. Not exactly, but along with the rest of the Carbide.c++ team here at Nokia I've been focused on getting a new update (v1.3) out to our beta community. We finished the first beta drop just before the Thanksgiving break so it's now out there for anyone to try out.

For this update to our C++ tools for Symbian OS we moved to a new version of the platform (3.3.x) and CDT (4.0.x). We are also reinventing our development process to be more agile and responsive with a lot of the inspiration for this coming from the Eclipse community: We're now running our beta program through a google group that is open to anyone who asks to join. Our internal bugzilla has been opened up so that everyone can use it to report and track bugs. We'll be doing periodic beta releases that have some testing behind them and also publishing the last week's worth of auto-tested nightly builds. The nightly builds will give us a way to validate bug fixes and get immediate feedback from the thrill seekers who don't want to wait for the next beta.

So far we're off to a good start with a couple hundred downloads and a couple dozen new bugs, mostly from people in the rest of the world that wasn't focused on turkey and football last week.

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